What is search ranking?

Опубликовано: 12.02.2020

Search ranking - a certain order, according to the rank, relevance and authority of a site in search engines.

The more relevant the site is to the request, the more authoritative the resource, the more users turn to the site - the higher the site is ranked in the search. And find out more about how get followers on instagram you can follow the link.

Each search engine has its own website ranking algorithms, and even the most avid SEO specialist does not know about all of them. However, a general set of rules to improve the search ranking of a site exists:

1. Permanent publication on the site of new content that may cause interest among users.

2. The presence of both internal and external links to the resource. It is desirable to have links from authoritative resources (the so-called trust resources).

3. Relevance - the most important criterion for search ranking a site. In theory, this item should have been put first. Relevance is determined in two ways:

1) Substantial (semantic). That is, such relevance is extracted from the lexical-semantic analysis posted on the resource;

2) Formal. That is, the relevant page should correspond to certain algorithms of search engines, which, by the way, often change.

4. Internal page optimization. In this case, the title (title) of the page plays the most weight, in which keywords are used to give weight (what is a keyword).

It is also worth remembering that search ranking depends not only on the number of links, but also on their age, location, and authority of the resource on which they are located.

This is just a small list of generally accepted rules in search ranking, which can be supplemented and changed by search engines to provide the user with the most accurate response to the query.

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