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Опубликовано: 09.03.2017

Step 1: Complete your pre-legal education. Most law students have already completed a bachelor’s degree. However, California’s minimum requirement is that students complete at least two years of college-level work (60 semester credits) with a GPA equal to or above that required for graduation. Alternatively, you may prove that you have intellectual ability equal to a college student in his second year by passing subject matter examinations with scores accepted by the Committee.

Step 2: Complete your legal education. Online law students may sit for the California Bar if they receive 864 hours of study for each year through a correspondence program that is registered with the committee). (off-site link). ” The Committee does not accredit online law schools; instead, they allow distance learning schools to register with them if the online schools meet requirements. Because the Committee won’t vouch for the quality of these programs, it is essential to thoroughly investigate any online law school before enrolling. Here are the online law schools currently registered with the Committee:

Abraham Lincoln University School of Law
American Heritage University School of Law
California School of Law
Concord School of Law
Esquire College
MD Kirk School of Law
Newport University
Northwestern California University
Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy
Southern California University for Professional Studies
University of Honolulu
West Coast School of Law, Inc.
West Haven University
William Howard Taft University

If you choose to pursue an Online Law Degree, go into the experience with realistic expectations. Studying law online is not for everyone, but for the right person it can be a worthwhile experience.

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